Dear Neighbor,

How much do you take for granted?

It is human nature to take many things for granted. Your health for example—you don’t think about it until you begin to lose it. The same is true for many services our community provides, such as a volunteer fire company. Chances are you have not needed the fire company and hopefully you never will, but, if you needed the Rapids Volunteer Fire Company, we would respond quickly as we have so many times in the past.

We cannot maintain such a high level of service without your help.

Rapids Volunteer Fire Company’s current fire engine has physical limitations which no longer meet present standards. It is paramount that we replace our oldest fire engine, which is over 20 years old, with a modern, fully equipped fire engine that meets current safety codes as well as NFPA standards and will allow us to operate on a daily basis.

What will Rapids be upgrading to and why?

In September of 2015 the fire company approved the purchase of a 2016 Sutphen extreme duty fire engine. This engine meets current safety codes and NFPA standards, and the new engine will be able to house 7 firefighters; the chauffeur, a firematic officer, and 5 certified firefighters all in the cab of the truck. This will have a 1,000 gallon water tank and
a 2,000 gallon-per-minute pump. It houses more attack firefighting hose and can store numerous pieces of necessary equipment. It will be the primary piece of apparatus for fighting fires in our protection area.

How will we pay for a new fire engine for the Rapids Volunteer Fire Company?

The cost of a modern fire engine that will meet our current and future needs is estimated to be $550,000. Funds raised from our fire protection contracts with the towns of Lockport, Royalton, and Clarence and by our volunteers total approximately $400,000. We have a shortfall of $150,000 to be able to build this state-of-the-art fire engine. We need your help!

How busy is the Rapids Volunteer Fire Company?

In 2015, the 80 active members of the Rapids Volunteer Fire Company answered 600 EMS/First Aid emergency calls along with 400 Fire emergency calls totaling a very busy 1,000 total emergency calls this year. And this number of calls increases every year due to the growth of the area, and the increased amount of daily travel throughout the protection area.

Providing the best possible fire and rescue services to you is expensive. Your donations help offset these expenses. Without your assistance we would not be able to answer the growing number of emergency calls and help you when you need it the most!

Why do you get fund drive letters from other Fire Companies?

This is a question with no easy answer. Establishing a mailing list varies from fire company to fire company. Some companies have outside agencies run their fund drives. We use the real estate tax lists as the prime source for our list. Once we get a list of residents, our fund drive committee removes any name not in our protection area. We assume most fire companies use the same method. Some fire companies just use zip codes for their mailing lists. Unfortunately, zip codes can cross township boundaries; this probably where the duplication happens. So, if you do get donation requests from other fire companies, we ask that you first consider donating to the Rapids Volunteer Fire Company, your primary fire company.

We appreciate your support of this community-based effort. Please help us with your donation so that we can continue to serve you better now and in the future!

Thank you,

Andrew Doyle




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