Interested In Becoming An Active Member?

    As an active firefighter in our company you will be expected to be just that, active. You will need to attend at least four company meetings, at least 12 in-hall trainings, and assist with at least 20 hours of function time every year. We have many money-making functions throughout the year to help offset our expenses. New firefighters must take one of the two following state training courses within two years of joining: Firefighter I or Scene Support. Members may also take a variety of other courses such as EMT, Fire Police, Hazardous Materials, Search and Rescue, Fire Investigation, etc. All training is free to members. After your first six months in the company you have an opportunity to vote for officer positions and after your first year in the company you have an even greater opportunity of running for officer positions. It is encouraged that you participate in both running for positions and voting for them. Since voting is conducted at meetings, you are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible.  Any member of the company who is interested in playing on the company softball team may participate on the team, whose season runs from May to August. There is also an opportunity to play on the company bowling teams that run a good majority of the year. The summer time is filled with enjoyable activities for our members, including picnics, conventions, parades, etc.  Members also have access to all of the recreational and fitness facilities at the hall.

Minimum Requirements

.                 The applicant must be 18 years of age with a diploma or G.E.D. or 21 years of age without.

.                 The applicant must not have any arson convictions or felony convictions.

.                 The applicant should not have any serious physical limitations that would hinder his ability to perform the duties of a firefighter.


If interested in joining the fire company please contact New Member Committee Chairman Paul Ast at (716) 280-8071.